Crook & The Bluff (USA)

Hailing from the high desert of Utah, Crook & The Bluff is a high-energy rock outfit that seamlessly blends elements of psychedelic, blues, and western music into a unique soundscape, influenced by the vast and desolate wilderness of their desert home.
Equipped with an arsenal of songs depicting lust, love, murder, and malevolence, Crook & The Bluff is known for their dynamic performances and commanding aura. The band features the booming baritone and piercing falsetto of Kirk Dath, heavy doses of fuzz-bass from Kevin Schultz, and the carefully honed, bone-cutting lead guitar of Ryan Arnold.
Crook & The Bluff is mysterious and unpredictable, as unforgiving as the desert itself, capable of transitioning from an eerie, ghostly calm to a fiery, fever-inducing storm in an instant.
This unholy joining of western psychedelia and dirty, desert blues can only be fully experienced live.