Order of the Emperor (NL)

Do you hear a loud and false noise coming from our TJ-Concerts office? Then it’s us, singing along to the great and catchy tunes of Order of The Emperor.

Straight from the smoggy harbours of Rotterdam these emperors bring us hard rock, influenced by the mighty Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. The final product? Extremely catchy tunes with a huge impact on stage AND on cd.

They only recently started and they already won first- and audience price of the SENA Grote Prijs van Rotterdam for their debut album ‘Behold’ which was released in October last year. It is impossible to imagine a music scene without Order of the Emperor in it. They blew away many rooftops and made the walls come down of venues such as Rotown (Rotterdam), Kavka (Antwerpen) and Little Devil (Tilburg). They supported bands like DeWolff, Dool and Angel Witch and played on festivals like Baroeg Open Air, Occultfest and Bevrijdingsfestival Zuid-Holland.

With their widely diverse influences Order of the Emperor is extreme enough to attract a metal crowd while still being accessible for the more mainstream audience. The TJ-Concerts crew is ready to bang our heads and mess up our vocal chords with Order of the Emperor,

We are extremely siked to add this band to our roster. Did this spark your interest? The band is available for booking all year! Please contact Vivianne for possible dates and more information.

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