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FINALLY some good news!
It seems like there is light at the end of the corona tunnel and it’s not a freight train! It seems like bars, clubs and other venues are opening up slowly again and things starting to look positive!

We are now accepting new acts for FALL 2022!
By then everything will be back to normal for a good while.
First half year is booked with all the bands that needed to reschedule the whole tour in 2020/2021.

Feels good to be in the booking seat again, working with clubs that are looking forward to the future!

See you on the road.


Unfortunately we are still stuck with the corona situation!
It means no tours untill at least the end of the summer of 2021. First tours are planned for October, so we hope by then things are a back to normal at least a little bit!
Please, in these difficult times, keep supporting your local bands and artists!

Welcome Derek Day!

Almost a year without tours! But i can tell you this, the Tj-Concerts is buzzing with excitement and positive vibes!
We proudly present our latest TJ Concerts family member: Derek Day (USA)
Derek will be on tour in Europe in 2022!
It’s a good feeling to see bands and artist feeling positive about the future! See keep your eyes out for Mr Derek Day! And check out his you are prepared when he comes to town


Slowly, we start to look positive again for the future!
So we welcome MAYS HOUNDS from Sweden to our little family!
Kick ass southern rock, and they will be on tour September 2021!
Can’t miss this ya’ll!!

Our hearts go out to all the venues and bands

What a strange time in the world today.
Not a single show, or tour worldwide. Who could ever think this would ever be a reality.
Our heart goes out to everyone effected by this and especially all the venues , bars, clubs, and bands out there.
stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!

All shows till June 1st cancelled! :(

Man, after the bad news for Basson Laubscher, the new bad news is that all tours untill june 1st are cancelled 🙁
That means:
Basson Laubscher (ZA)
Jordan Matthew Young (USA)
Copperhead County (NL)
The Deltaz (USA)
The Swamp Stompers (AUS)
Corey Legge(AUS)
All these tours, where everyone worked so hard for, are cancelled……… 🙁
No words for this at this moment but we have to deal with this!

All tours will be rescheduled.

Basson Laubscher (ZA) tour cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, the tour for Basson Laubcher has to be cut short 🙁
Only 3 show into the tour and venues in EU had to close down.
We feel sorry for Basson, as he looked forward to this trip for so long!
Back in 2021 for sure!