Zak perry (USA)

Zak perry (USA) American rock n roll

A veteran of the American independent music scene for over 35 years, Zak lives with a genuine intensity rarely seen. With his diverse experiences, boundless curiosity and his quest for the continued development of his craft, it is a fully formed musical and human experience that he offers to the Old Continent with The Beautiful Things.

He defines his style as “a cocktail of rock, country, blues and Gospel” and was compared to The Allman Brothers Band and Soundgarden bands. His references come from he heart of purely American sounds, from Neil Young to Led Zeppelin, while Ray Charles is one of his writing model. His compositions and his very revealing interpretation of this Texan music are rooted in a precise set of instruments and rhythms.

Zak has been a very welcoming face on many European festivals and in many clubs through the years. Time to step it up for a proper European tour!