the sunbears (AUS)

the sunbears (aus) blues and rock

“They’re like a a mentos mint shoved in a coke bottle, ready to explode in all the right ways!”, David Glover Sydney Blues Society.  

The SunBears create a sonic inferno of blues rock wildness that ignites stages and leaves audiences exhilarated. Their live performances are a sight to behold, characterised by explosive energy, tight musicianship, and an infectious enthusiasm that sweeps through the crowd, turning each show into an unforgettable experience.

The bands sound draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, including blues, rock, pop, funk and soul. Blending a fistful of ‘JET’ like passion, a crunch of ‘Wolf Mother’ rawness and a sprinkling of ‘John Mayer’ soul, their driving rhythms, catchy melodies, and explosive live performances sate the appetite of young and old alike.

The SunBears have stormed onto the scene releasing 6 singles, 3 of which reached #1 on the Australian National AMRAP charts.
The band toured Europe in late 2023 and have played at some of Australia’s most iconic venues and festivals, including the Enmore Theatre supporting Suzi Quattro, Thredbo Blues and Roots Festival, Cronulla Jazz and Blues Festival (to name a few) and multiple venues up and down the country.