The Damn Liars (USA)

Chuck Bradley and The Damn Liars are purveyors of true american rock and roll.  
Hailing from northern California. The Damn Liars put on an explosive live performance heavily steeped in American vintage rock and roll, country and blues.  
The Damn Liars released their debut EP, American Ghost Town in April of 2018. Produced by Grammy award winner, Michael Rosen, American Ghost Town is rich with emotion and soulful bluesy vocals.  From liquor soaked honky-tonk, to blues and rock and roll, Chuck Bradley and The Damn Liars give a fresh and simple take on the complex issues of love, life, hurt and death.

From large outdoor festivals to small intimate venues The Damn Liars have a stage presence that is undeniable.  
The energy The Damn Liars bring to every performance is infectious, bringing the whole audience along for the ride!

“Their (The Damn Liars) music evokes mid-century, American working-class rock–straightforward lyrics, uncomplicated guitar riffs and incredibly well written songs.”