The Bustermoon (IT) Folk rock

The Bustermoon aka “the sons of a crazy fusion between the sound of the Zac Brown Band and the attitude of The Beach Boys” is a folk rock and americana band from Genoa, IT.
Since 2018 they have toured all around Italy, Germany, Czechia, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, performing in more than 200 venues including bars, clubs and festivals.
In April 2023 they released their third studio album, The Other Pocket, in which they had collaborations with many great Italian musicians: Paolo Roberto Pianezza, frontman and guitarist of the Lovesick Duo, who performed opening acts for Ben Harper and Sugar Fornaciari, among others.
She’s My Girl, the lead track, whose videoclip had a preview on, is an upbeat tune that features a vibrant horns section.
Still, the song that fires up all their gigs – also their most listened track, with more than 200k streams on Spotify – comes from the previous album, Mareena Roots: Poppoporopporoppopoporopporoppopoporopporopo shows the country folk side of the Italian band.
In 2023 The Bustermoon already played more than 50 gigs in Europe and they will keep on hitting many stages the next year!