Savanna Woods (USA) singer/songwriter

Savanna Woods is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Stanwood, WA (USA) who mesmerizes global audiences with her distinct and powerful vocals. Her captivating performances leave a lasting impression, including four standout performances on Season 20 of NBC’s The Voice.
In 2023, she achieved new milestones with the release of two new albums, including her latest record, “Back to Me,” which stands out as a poignant exploration of self reflection and the healing process.

For me, what just happened is that Patty Griffin and Nirvana had a baby, and I really liked it”
Kelly Clarkson

“Driven, dedicated and motivated, I have absolutely no doubt that Savanna can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. After all, she already has.”
Kristine Cartwright, Skagit Breaking

“I think you’re incredibly laid back and to have that contrast with those big rock vocals is very impressive.”
Nick Jonas

“I particularly liked those moments when you were wailing and you were hitting those notes with so much electricity and edge in your voice.”
John Legend