saint city ochestra (ch)

saint city orchestra (CH) folk/party

Forget Dublin. Fuck folklore. SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA is back with their brand new album «UNIFIED» and a huge portion of power!
The new Album from the St. Gallen band is significantly heavier and dirtier than its predecessors.
The ideal soundtrack for a chaotically spontaneous life. Less folksy but not apostate to tradition, they plunder Irish folk and set it on fire with a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s an unpredictable bunch of completely wacky stage pigs who don’t stop until sweat is dripping off the ceiling.

Wherever they perform, the atmosphere shoots up to drunken heights and pure chaos erupts. They are the end of any neat evening wear. Anyone who doesn’t get soaking wet and sticky was simply at the wrong concert. Soaked entertainment instead of lukewarm gibberish.
SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA – A band that doesn’t burn anything, but is able – to torch any stage.
Let’s open a barrel of joie de vivre. Attention: it could be cheerful!