COCKAPHONIX (USA) carnival-style circus punk

Cockaphonix, out of Yakima, Washington, has an unusual sound that can be likened to deranged saloon music, a twist of New Orleans street jazz with a sprinkle of carnival-style circus punk.
Established in 2017 as a duo, “Rayko Stanislav” (Raymond Malstead) and “Holiday Dan” (Daniel Koenig) started making a cacophony of sounds from a 100-year-old upright grand piano and an old drum kit. Together, the two fused a range of raucous tunes that eventually, after a year of teasing and cajoling, made a full set.
Chris Nobbs joined later with his valve trombone, then Roly Espino and Nathan McCartney rounded out the horn section with the trumpet and tuba.
“The sound may be hard to describe, but it’s even harder to not take your eyes off the band while they perform.” ~ “Sara Rae Shields -Yakima Herald”
Out on their very first EU tour in February 2025.