Lord Bishop Rocks (USA)

Lord Bishop IS ROCK N ROLL !

Lord Bishop IS the “black giant” (two meters plus 120 kg) from New York City.
With his HENDRIXIAN MÖTOR FUNK gang he makes a daring and crazy mixture of dirty Rock’n’Roll, Funk, sweat, Soul, sex appeal and power.
Lord Bishop, journey man, black magic worshiper, voodoo funker has been on the Rock’n’Roll Road for over 15 years, spreading a brand of music that comes from his soul and his heart.

“LORD BISHOP ROCKS” is the Loudest, Funkiest, Dirtiest Rock Trio to land on the planet Earth in decades.
Each year they are rocking over 200 venues when they are on tour in Europe…. that is what we call hardcore touring. Visually it’s one of the greatest performances you will ever see.