Jas Josland (NZ)

Jas Josland leads an interesting life.
Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, she prefers to say that she’s based globally these days, often Hong Kong and other places in Asia.
She left the dream job of working on superyachts behind for another, dedicating her life to being a full-time musician. Not only does she write a great rock tune, she also has a suitable voice to pull it off.

After 2 tours in Europe as a solo act, it is time to bring the girls over to Europe as well. Taking the music of Jas Josland a level higher with a full band, where every song gets more powerful, more intense and more Jas.
Poppy rocksongs, rocky pop song, teary eyed ballads and some ska…
THATS Jas Josland.

Available in Europe, October 2018!