Diva Scarlet (IT)

We all know Italian women have passion….
And what would happen if you have 4 Italian women in 1 band? There will be a passion explosion on stage….And THAT is what we call Diva Scarlet, the sensation from Italy.
Some people say they are the new “Guano Apes”, others say they are the new “Skunk Anansie”.
We just say, it is Diva Scarlet !
4 Women that KNOW what they are doing and enjoying it while doing just that!
The energy is dripping of the stage when the singer is doing her job with passion and the guitar player is “tap-dancing “ on her sound effects board to produce that special “Diva” sound.
This band is EXACLY what Europe is missing at this moment…. A fresh band!
They have been on tour in Europe many times and clubs are always asking them back right away…
Diva Scarlet does the job!