Copperhead County (NL)

Copperhead County.

Copperhead County managed to spread their reputation as a serious southern rock band in a very short time. Inspired by Blackberry Smoke, The Outlaws and many other classics, Copperhead County knows how to capture that warm southern feeling.
They know how southern rock is meant to be.

With an international record deal (CRS/Continental Recording Services) in their pockets,the band was set to play shows all over Europe in the fall of 2020 and spring 2021 to celebrate the European release of the “Brothers “album. Unfortunately Covid-19 said NO.
For 2022, Copperhead County will do their best to do as make up for lost gigs and play as much as they can!

“You’d think these guys were from Alabama or somewhere close but guess what, they’re from Holland!” – BluesBlues magazine (UK)

” “Brothers” might as well be a classic album from “back then”, but it’s also an album that matters NOW” – Rootstime (BE)

” “Brothers” is top notch entertainment!” Alt Country Forum (NL)

Available now.