Big Jeezus Truck (CA)

Roaring out the Great White north comes “Big Jeezus Truck”.
Build in 1998 in the backwoods and scrapyards of Ontario (Canada), the Truck emerged with a turbocharged sound that mixes Hardrock and Countrypunk.

The band is like a real truck, LOUD, right in your face and ‘they ain’t gonna stop for NOBODY.
So you can do 2 things… Either step aside and let the Truck go by… Or jump on the Truck and join them on their journey across Europe.
Everywhere they go, they will leave a trail of destruction and blown-away people…
They drive the Truck through Europe to make sure EVERYBODY here knows about Big Jeezus Truck. And also to promote their latest album : Lovetaser.
So make sure you catch these truckers while they are on the road and get ready for a Truck N Roll experience you’ll NEVER forget !