Altar (NL)

The walls of the TJ-Concerts office are shaking and our roof hasn’t been the same since we signed the almighty Altar!

If you talk about Dutch death metal, Altar is _the_  band that comes to mind. The band emerges as one of the better known old school death metal bands from The Netherlands. Since their first release ‘Youth Against Christ’ in 1994 the slats have been set high and rules were broken. The band fired shots of contagious riffs, pumping bass lines and provocative lyrics into the world. The combination of quality and brutality results in a solid base of pure metal.

When Altar disbanded in 2007 fans mourned and wished they would return one day. After ten years Altar is finally back with a new line-up and brutal, ear destroying performances. Ready to reclaim their position in the metal charts.

The TJ-Concerts crew is ready to bang heads and raise fists to these corpse grinding tunes. We are extremely siked to add Altar to our roster. Is your metal detector buzzing uncontrollably? The band is available for booking all year!